Recent praise for Rory: 

For Blackbeard:

  • DC Metro Arts: “Rory Boyd is a fine presence as the youthful stow-away who becomes not only a companion to the pirates but ultimately their storyteller.”

  • Broadway World: “standout performances include Rory Boyd as the very eager kid Roger who wants to become a pirate”

  • CurtainUP DC: “High tides, a ship wreck, a stowaway joining the crew (especially in the finale, a really nice star turn by Rory Boyd as Roger) . . .”

  • Zebra: “The adorable cabin boy, Roger, played by Rory Boyd, brings the heart and soul to this rollicking saga. Rory’s a gifted actor and singer and becomes (spoiler alert!) a surrogate son to the “fearsome” Blackbeard."

  • DC Theatre Scene: “Newcomer Rory Boyd makes for a delightfully innocent new crew member Roger whom Blackbeard takes under his wing as they buckle their swash across the seven seas.”

For Camelot:

  • Boston Globe: "Mordred (played in a suitably treacherous vein by Rory Boyd)"

  • Boxing Over Broadway: "I have to say that Rory Boyd’s Mordred is truly amazing. His name alone cues us to expect an evil character, but Boyd manages to move him into more of a grey area. He certainly brings a great energy and just enough ambiguity to the role to make one possibly feel a bit of sympathy for him Mordred, and that is something I doubt has been seen before."

  • Theatre Mirror: The villain of the show is excellently played by Rory Boyd. His smarmy behavior is wonderful to behold and his song “Seven Deadly Virtues” is dripping with sarcasm as the audience laughs at his machinations."

  • WBUR: "Factor in selfishness and resentment with Mordred’s appearance (and Boyd’s raucous enjoyment of Mordred’s unapologetic bad-to-the-bone-ness) and suddenly the play pops into extra dimensions."

  • Broadway World: "crafty Mordred (Rory Boyd, earning his character's boos)"

  • Theater Mirror: "In addition to the leads, the supporting cast is strong, with Rory Boyd’s Mordred a slimy standout"